If you have an account on deviantART, please report this girl. She has stolen numerous amount of artwork mainly from Pixiv and claims them as her own.

I gave her a polite warning a few weeks ago to take her stuff down before the dA staff takes any action to her account without reporting her but she decided to deem it as rude and hid my comment. >.> (Watch me get blocked by her for calling her out on it for the second time)

I will delete this tumblr post until her stuff is taken down.

Artwork that has been stolen (they are linked to the original and given as the deviantART titles she has given them); I tried to include as many as I could but I cannot determine every single one of the stolen pieces that she has uploaded (I cannot catch the non-MapleStory work that’s been stolen).

^ This isn’t all of them from Pixiv but do feel free to browse the Japanese MapleStory Pixiv tag and find the ones that I haven’t caught on; I am nearing 400 favs on my Pixiv and I don’t fav every single thing there is. =x

signal fucking boost bc i absolutely hate art theft.